05 Toyota Highlander Body Repair Manual

2005 Toyota Highlander (ACU20, ACU25, MCU23, MCU28 Series) Body Repair Manual PDF. This repair manual has been prepared to provide essential information on body panel repair methods (including cutting and welding operations, but excluding painting) for the TOYOTA HIGHLANDER/KLUGER.

Applicable models:

  • ACU20, 25 series
  • MCU23, 28 series

This manual consists of body repair methods, exploded diagrams and illustrations of the body components and other information relating to body panel replacement such as handling precautions, etc. However, it should be noted that the front fenders of the TOYOTA model is bolted on and require no welding.

When repairing, don’t cut and join areas that are not shown in this manual. Only work on the specified contents to maintain body strength.

Body construction will sometimes differ depending on specifications and country of destination. Therefore, please keep in mind that the information contained herein is based on vehicles for general destinations.

For the repair procedures and specifications other than collision damaged body components of the TOYOTA HIGHLANDER/ KLUGER refer to the repair manuals.


Language: English
Format: PDF
Page Count: >1000
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