2001 Ford Ranger EV Wiring Diagram Manual PDF

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2001 Ford Ranger EV Wiring Diagram Manual PDF Free Download

2001 Wiring Diagrams Features

  • Schematic pages do not contain Component Location references to full-view illustrations and Component Descriptions that describe the system function of a component. (This information is available in CELL 152 Location Index or the Workshop Manual.)
  • “COMPONENT TESTING” procedures (CELL 149) that tell the user how to perform diagnostic tests on various circuits.
  • NOTES. CAUTIONS and WARNINGS contain important safety information.
  • Full view “COMPONENT LOCATION VIEWS” (CELL 151) to help locate on-vehicle components.
  • Circuit voltages have been added to schematic pages to help simplify troubleshooting.
    Nonessential troubleshooting hints have been deleted.
  • Cellular Pagination: A specific section (or cell) in all Wiling Diagrams is numbered by cell and starts with page 1. For example: “HOW TO USE THIS MANUAL” is CELL 2 and begins with page 2-1.
  • “CONNECTOR FACES” (CELL 150) will contain all connectors, to aid in servicing electrical wiring.
  • “C” numbers have been assigned for all electrical connectors. “C” numbers are listed in the “LOCATION INDEX” (CELL 152).
  • “HARNESS CAUSAL PART NUMBERS” (CELL 153) has been added to aid in identifying warranty concerns.
  • In-line connector numbers contain a suffix to denote connector “gender type (F-socket, M-prior blade).
  • HIGH VOLTAGE WIRES are identified by “white” wires with a black outline. Black stripes may also appear on these wires, indicating a tracer. Wiring harnesses with high voltage wiring will be identified in the vehicle by orange convolute around that harness auxiliary loads such as the A/C system, power steering pump, heater and certain control components. These components should be treated with extreme caution. Do not perform any service on them until all high voltage power has been disconnected.

NOTE: The descriptions and specifications contained in this manual were in effect at the time this manual was approved for printing. Ford Motor Company reserves the right to discontinue models at any time, or change specifications or design without notice and without incurring any obligation.

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