1992 Jaguar XJR-S Technical Introduction

1992 Jaguar XJR-S

Jaguar Sport and the XJR-S

The Jaguar XJR-S will bring to the USA, for the first time the results of the creation of JaguarSport to cater for potential Jaguar buyers who want an exclusive high performance version of the XJS.

Jaguar, as a producer of specialist cars, saw the need to develop a facility, which would be an extension of its mainstream manufacturing operations and which could produce even more specialized vehicles to cater for those who wished to more fully explore the performance and handling potential of Jaguar’s sedans and sporting cars.

Thus in May 1988, JaguarSport was formed as a 50/50 joint venture by Jaguar Cars Limited, and Tom Walkinshaw’s TWR Group Limited, to develop and produce a range of modified Jaguars essentially for the British and European markets. TWR is the company which has run the Jaguar IMSA GT program in the USA and in the rest of the world in the World Sports Car Series.

JaguarSport engineers based atTWR’s Kidlington headquarters in Oxfordshire, developed the high performance XJR-S, based on the XJS. The Jaguar XJR-S features a six liter version of the famous VI2 engine which has powered Jaguar XJR race cars to many victories in both Europe and America. Production XJR-S’s are built at JaguarSport’s new manufacturing facility at Bloxham, near Banbury in the Cotswolds. This is also the facility where JaguarSport produces the world’s fastest production car, the 200mph Jaguar XJ220.

The XJR-S also offers a modified suspension package and an exclusively designed interior, featuring glove-soft Autolux fine grain leather and a hand engraved, sterling silver, numbered plaque by Asprey of London, silversmiths to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Jaguar Cars Inc. has recognized that there is a demand for more distinctly sporting variants of its range, and has therefore introduced the XJR-S to the USA in a limited edition of 100 cars – 50 coupes and 50 convertibles.

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