1986 Volkswagen Automatic Transmissions Type 010

1986 Volkswagen Automatic Transmissions 3-Speed Diagnosis & Overhaul scr1


  • VW Cabriolet Type 010
  • VW Golf Type 010
  • VW Jetta Type 010
  • VW Scirocco Type 010


Transaxle type number is cast into top of transaxle case over transaxle portion. Code letters and date
of manufacture are stamped into machined flat on bellhousing rim. Valve body identification tag is
secured with valve body mounting screws. Torque converter code letter is stamped on side of
attaching lug.


  • Transaxle Type: 010
  • Transaxle Model: TJ Or TNA
  • Valve Body: FG
  • Torque Converter: K


Transaxle assembly consists of 2 main units: Automatic transaxle and final drive assembly. The
transaxle housing contains 2 planetary gear sets, 2 multiple-disc clutches, 1 brake band and servo, 1
multiple-disc brake, a one-way clutch and a hydraulic control system. The final drive housing
contains torque converter, governor for transaxle, three-gear type ring and pinion assembly and
differential unit.

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