Freelander 1.8 Litre K Series Engine Overhaul Manual

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Freelander 1.8 Litre K Series Engine Overhaul Manual. This overhaul manual is applicable to the 1.8 ’K’ Series engine fitted to the Land Rover Freelander up to 2001 Model Year. Overhaul procedures for engines fitted to vehicles from 2001 Model Year will be found in the Freelander Workshop Manual Part No. LRL0350.

The engine is fitted with damp cylinder liners and has the following Serial No. prefixes:- J78 and J79

How to use this manual – LRL0157ENG 2nd Ed

To assist in the use of this manual the section title is given at the top and the relevant sub-section is given at the bottom each page.

To help readers find the information they need, the first page of each section is marked with a black tab which lines up with the corresponding tab on the title page. In addition the symbol at the top of each RH page identifies each section or group of sections.

Each section starts with a contents page, listing the information contained within. Some sections are divided into sub- sections such as Description and Operation, Adjustments, Repairs and Data, Torque and Tools. To assist filing of revised information each of the sub-sections is numbered from page 1.

Each Adjustment and Repair procedure is fully illustrated showing a number against each text item. Service tools are shown in use where usage is not obvious. The illustration appear before the text which refers to it. Adjustment and Repair operations also include relevant data, torque figures and useful assembly details.


  • Engines fitted with automatic timing belt tensioner
  • Engines fitted with modified camshafts and cylinder heads
  • Cylinder heads fitted with triple angle valve seats.
  • Modified – Type B crankshafts

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