1.6 Chery Gas Engine Service Manual PDF

1.6 Chery Gas Engine Service Manual PDF

This manual has been published by GENERAC® POWER SYSTEMS, INC. to aid our dealers’ mechanics, company service personnel and general consumers when servicing the products described herein. It is assumed that these personnel are familiar with the servicing procedures for these products, or like or similar products, manufactured and marketed by GENERAC® POWER SYSTEMS, INC. It is also assumed that they have been trained in the recommended servicing procedures for these products, which includes the use of mechanics hand tools and any special tools that might be required.

Proper service and repair is important to the safe, economical and reliable operation of the products described herein. The troubleshooting, testing, service and repair procedures recommended by GENERAC® POWER SYSTEMS, INC. and described in this manual are effective methods of performing such operations. Some of these operations or procedures may require the use of specialized equipment. Such equipment should be used when and as recommended.

We could not possibly know of and advise the service trade of all conceivable procedures or methods by which a service might be performed, nor of any possible hazards and/or results of each procedure or method. We have not undertaken any such wide evaluation. Therefore, anyone who uses a procedure or method not recommended by the manufacturer must first satisfy himself that neither his safety, nor the product’s safety, will be endangered by the service or operating procedure selected.


Engine configuration view and sectional view
Main engine technical indexes and operation parameters
Engine structural features
Engine removal and assembly procedure
[1] Positioning no.1 cylinder top dead center (compression)
[2] Upper and lower timing gear cover assemblies removal and installation
[3] Crankshaft pulley removal and installation
[4] Valve cover and seal gasket removal and installation
[5] Timing belt removal, installation and adjustment
[6] Tension pulley, crankshaft gear and camshaft gear removal, check and installation
[7] Camshaft oil seal removal and installation
[8] Valve mechanism and cylinder head removal, check and installation
[9] Piston and connecting rod assembly removal and installation
[10] Flywheel assembly and rear oil seal bracket assembly removal and installation
[11] Crankshaft, crankshaft thrust washer, bearing bushing and main bearing cap removal and installation
[12] Oil baffle assembly removal and installation
[13] Engine oiling system
[14] Engine cooling system
[15] Engine air intake and exhaust system
[16] Engine crankcase ventilation system
[17] Engine fuel supply system
Carburetor engine malfunction, cause and correction

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